Inventory Management

Item Stocks

Item Transfer

Real-time Reports

Item Bundle

Purchase Order


Item Stocks

Keep your stock updated

Adjust your item stock count in case you wanna make adjustments to your item count in your inventory.

Item Transfer

Transfer stocks between locations

Easy stock transfers between two specified locations. Staff can access real-time information and track any changes in inventory updates at both sites in one interface.

Real Time Inventory Reports

Get real-time insights into your inventory levels and avoid stock-outs.

Summary Report

Inventory reports give you a detailed view of your inventory including the inventory beginning, added, deduct and sales. This information is important in managing your inventory and making sure you have the right amount of product on hand.

Movement Report

Track the adjustments of your item details or information. This helps you keep track of new items and edits in your item listings during a specific time

Item Ledger

Tracks all the movements of your items around your inventory and sales such as items being sold and items being transferred from one warehouse to another.

Inventory Per Ingredients

Item Bundle

Item bundles allows you to assign sub-items (such ingredients or a group of items) to parent items that will be sold as products. This helps you keep track of the inventory changes of your item’s ingredients.

Purchase orders

Streamline your purchase order process

Purchase orders allows you to make and save orders for the delivery of products, to send order requests to suppliers, to receive products, and to save information of suppliers.

Build components that are made with ingredients and monitor their stock.


Production inventory is all of the supplies and materials on hand meant for the manufacturing of products. This inventory consists of goods in multiple stages of production. From raw materials on up to finished products ready to be served.

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